19 October, 2022

Raken Data Group Delivers New and Higher Levels of Operational Excellence with Acceldata

The alliance enables its customers to predict, identify and fix data problems on a single platform.

Raken Data Group, a multinational operating in Latin America and the United States, announce its technological alliance with Acceldata; this integration improves control of expenses and risks of data ecosystems in the cloud or Hadoop Cloudera, in addition to delivering new value-added support services to its customers.

This integration also helps Data Driven companies to achieve higher levels of operational excellence, innovation, agility in processes, obtaining high returns on investment, since the Acceldata platform synthesizes signals through Workloads, infrastructure and use in a single panel, allowing customers to predict, identify and fix data issues, as well as timely detection of costs leaks and cloud spending  management.

“We have great expectations for this alliance, we are pleased to add new cutting-edge capabilities to Raken’s products and services portfolio, there is no doubt that our customers will benefit the most by integrating cutting-edge technology into their data architectures.”, said Antonio Figueroa, CEO of Raken Data Group.

Acceldata‘s technology will allow Raken Data Group to implement projects with the first Data Observability Cloud tool, surpassing the performance of traditional tools that do not provide enough insights in distributed data, processes and pins, unlike this one. The platform can be used with hybrid Data Lakes or with cloud Data Warehouses.

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