Raken Data Group becomes Snowflake’s first “Select Partner” in Latin America.

Raken Data Group becomes Snowflake’s first “Select Partner” in Latin America.

Antonio Figueroa Barraza.

Raken Data Group is a multinational company, with operations in Latin America and the United States, focused on data monetization through high return, advanced analytics solutions, delivering to its customers robust solutions in the design, implementation, and operation of Multicloud Data Lakes. Its approach is pragmatic and agnostic, with End-to-End solutions, resulting effective support at all stages of the process.

Snowflake, on the other hand, delivers the Data Cloud – a global network where thousands of organizations mobilize data with near-unlimited scale, concurrency, and performance, becoming a great contribution for companies that are in the process of transforming themselves to Data-Driven. As of to date more than 4,500 organizations leverage Snowflake’s platform.

“We are very proud with this recognition. Becoming Snowflake’s first “Select Partner” in Latin America is a great achievement for our company. We are aware of the benefits that this collaboration will bring to our customers and users, highlighting the elimination of data silos, the ease of use and management, the low infrastructure costs, and the acceleration in decision making thanks to reliable and well-governed data,” said Antonio Figueroa, CEO of Raken Data Group.

Snowflake’s solution enables its users to count with all the centralized data available   to be shared securely and well managed, separating storage from processing, being scalable at the speed of business growth, without impact in its costs. It requires no hardware, has low latency, Has a “pay as you use” pricing, supports unlimited  queries and users, and allows faster speed for value generation, thanks to having a complete and up-to-date data information.

“Raken Data Group, is the most experienced company in designing and implementing Data Lake in the Cloud (Multicloud), On-Premises and Hybrid, for different business groups, allowing us to share with our customers not only theoretical knowledge,but also the best practices and strategic vision in the market”. AntonioFigueroa, CEO of Raken Data Group, concludes.