Advanced custom analytics based on industry solutions

Our experts may help you to generate a prediction, simulation and optimization models of future scenarios, to interpret your information with a statistical value.

We have a team of scientists and mathematicians with strong industries and information technologies knowledge to assist you on the correct use the most recognized tools for the prediction, simulation and optimization models for future scenarios, incorporation of geographic variables (though digital maps), to be able to interpret your information through a statistical value.

Additionally, we have the support of internationally recognized doctors and strategic alliances for the resolution of high complexity problems.

The data mining can be done in your traditional business smart platform, bounded by its processing capabilities, or using a big data platform to get more precision and volume of information in the evaluated scenarios. Finally, we offer, in a Software as a Service scheme, a temporary laboratory for such information analysis.

We are specialists and partners of SAS, the most recognized software platforms for these services, support it by open codings such as R language, Phyton or Spark over Handoop, SAP, Oracle or Microsoft.