Design and implementation of Big Data and Small Data Architectures

Turn your data into tangible capital.

Choosing the correct architecture and developing an appropriate big data solution is a challenge in which many factors should be considered.

Raken Data Group helps you to define and implement your big data or small data architecture, by evaluating your business scenarios and the complexity of its data, we determine the layers and components that should be involved in the correct solution. Therefore, your company will be capable of storing, acquiring, processing and analyzing big data in many ways, such as the frequency, the volume, the velocity, the type and the data integrity, regardless the origin of the information.

When big data is processed and stored, additional dimensions are taken, such as the government, the security, the politics, and above all, the strategy to democratize the data throughout its value chain and organization.

Raken Data Group is a pioneer and specialist in the creation of the newest data lakes (Hadoop, Snowflake).