• 7 April, 2021

    Raken Data Group becomes Snowflake’s first “Select Partner” in Latin America.

    The company is the first in the region to achieve Snowflake’s “Select Partner” category. Raken Data Group obtains this distinction for the set of solutions, certifications and success stories implemented in various industries, such as Consumer Goods, Retail, Banking, Industrial, Insurance Companies and Health. The close collaboration and joint work of both companies allows their […]

  • 8 July, 2020

    Raken @ Finnancial Summit


  • 6 July, 2020

    Did Big Data Fail Us During COVID-19?

    The COVID-19 pandemic has been something of a proving grounds for tech. Industry professionals have upheld the value of tools like big data for years, and now they have a chance to prove it. With the outbreak still raging on, you may wonder if big data has been all that helpful. Governments and organizations across […]